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Getting Started In Ireland

So you’ve made the big move to the Emerald Isle!

The members of Ireland Australia Association know first-hand how daunting it is establishing yourself in a new country.  Here is some info, tips and links to make settling in Ireland a little easier.

The Essentials


Bank Account


PPS Number

Visa and Registering

If you want to work in Ireland and are a non-EAA/non Swiss national, you will need to have a valid Employment Permit or Atypical Permission first. Depending on your nationality, you may also be required to apply for a visa. You then have to apply for the relevant permission.

When you arrive in Ireland you must show your passport, permit, visa and all other required documentation to the immigration officer at the airport or other port of entry.

The immigration officer will then decide if you are allowed to enter the country.
(N.B. Even if you have a valid visa for Ireland, you could be refused entry by the immigration officer if they are not satisfied with your documents or explanations, so have these in order).
If you are allowed to enter Ireland, the officer will place a ‘landing stamp’ in your passport to give you temporary immigration permission to stay here. This stamp identifies how long you can stay. The maximum time you can stay will be shown by a date on the landing stamp. (The usual time limit is 3 months, though you may be given less).

If you arrive with a short stay ‘C’ visa, you must leave the country before your landing stamp expires.
If you arrive with a long stay ‘D’ visa and wish to stay longer than 3 months, you must visit the registration office in Dublin, or at a local Garda station if you’re outside of Dublin, before your landing stamp expires to extend your immigration permission and register your details.

The Irish Residents Permit, or IRP, (previously known as the GNIB card) is your ID card you receive once you're registered. 

To register or renew, you need to make an appointment. 
This service is very busy so we recommend you book your appointment far in advance.

Somewhere To Live

The main real estate websites are listed below, but it's always worthwhile posting on Facebook and chat pages to see if anyone has a room available, or a house to rent. The “Aussies and Kiwis in Ireland” Facebook group is a good place to start. Also, our own “Ireland-Australia Association” Facebook page!


Most rental accommodation is fully furnished and you can find details of tenants' rights on

Opening a Bank Account

We’ve been used to the efficiency of the Australian banks. In Ireland, you need to be ready for the bureaucracy of some of the banks. Whoever you decide to bank with, it's important to develop a relationship with your local branch for better service. Here's the main Irish banks and links to each:


A lot of people are choosing to buy a Revolut card for its ease of transferring money between countries and currencies.

Getting your PPS Number/
Tax System

You'll need a Personal Public Service Number or PPS Number to work in Ireland. This is like a Tax file number in Australia.


The tax year in Ireland runs January - December. When beginning work or switching jobs, you’ll be placed on Emergency Tax (the highest tax rate) unless you make contact with Revenue to obtain a Tax Credit Certificate. The following link to Ireland Revenue outlines the steps for starting a new job.


If you change employers, it’s best to notify Revenue in advance to avoid being placed on Emergency tax. You'll need to provide your PPS Number and the Employer Number of your new employer, and your start date.  Don’t wait for your new employer to do so, as you could be out of pocket.

PAYE workers are not required to complete a mandatory tax return.  To manage your personal tax affairs online, sign up for myAccount. First time users will be sent a password in the post.


(N.B. If you're leaving Ireland and want to make sure if you’re owed a refund, check Revenue's section on leaving Ireland on their website.)

Aus Embassy Ire.jfif

Australian Embassy
in Ireland

Australia and Ireland celebrated 70 years of diplomatic relations in 2016.

The Australian Embassy is located at Level 3, 47-49 St Stephen's Green, Dublin 2.

Embassy and Consular services can be accessed via the Australian Embassy in Ireland Website, or by calling the friendly staff

Practical Things

Image by Avi Richards

Finding Work

Providing you have an EU passport or a visa that allows you to work in Ireland, you can check out job opportunities on these websites:

Image by Amos Bar-Zeev

Driving in Ireland and the EU

Holders of a full Australian drivers licence are permitted to drive on the roads up to 12 months, then you will be expected to exchange your Australian licence for an Irish licence - no test is required if you have a full Australian licence.  If you take out your own insurance policy you may be identified as non-EU and may be subject to higher premiums.  You can find info about exchanging your Aussie licence for an Irish one at National drivers License Service.

Public Transport

A Taste of Home

Transport for Ireland have an app we’d highly recommend downloading for journey planning

Iarnród Éireann/Irish Rail for inter county rail links, DART and Commuter -

Bus Éireann is the National bus network-

LUAS – Dublin light rail -

Dublin Bus - (download the app to get "real time" information on bus arrival times for your bus stop) -

Dublin Bikes


Most public transport tickets can be paid for using LEAP Card - this is the Irish version of London's Oyster card/NSW Opal card/etc.


Monthly and Annual Tickets – employed persons can avail of tax free travel using Taxsaver ticket where your monthly ticket is paid from your nett salary.  This is organised by employers at their discretion

Sometimes you can get lucky finding Aussie goods in different shops around the country. It’s a great way to stave off any homesickness!

If you are missing your Vegemite on toast, you can usually find some in most Tesco supermarkets (not Tesco Express).

Fallon & Byrne situated in Dublin city, usually stock Allens lollies, Tim Tams and Milo. HomeSavers stores regularly stock Aussie chocolates such as Cadbury, Violet Crumble, and Darryl Lea confectionery.

We recently discovered a cafe in Cootehill, County Cavan. They stock much loved Aussie food and drink, and also sell meat pies in their cafe!

Aussie Foods,, based in Belgium, deliver Australian food and drinks to Ireland. Their delivery is usually a week to 10 days from your order.


Useful Websites

We’d recommend following social media accounts that highlight Ireland, so you get the most out of living here. Finding out about that special tourist spot, gigs, restaurants/pubs, events, markets and festivals of every kind make living in Ireland a unique and wonderful experience. A good place to start is

Facebook and Instagram are awash with pages/groups and accounts that can inspire your “Living in Ireland Bucket List”. Just start searching and see where it will lead!


Like our Facebook page for more Aussie Community updates and events ​


The Facebook group “Aussies and Kiwis in Ireland” is a good network to be a part of


Living in Ireland, Crosscare charity


Irish Naturalisation and Immigration Service


Citizens Information

Image by Jason Murphy
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