Established in 1981 by a group of friends with a fondness for Australia; the Association enjoys a rich history, with members all around the island of Ireland.

We're proud to have founding members of the Association active in current membership. Our current membership base is a broad demographic of Irish people who have lived in Australia and Australians living in Ireland. Typically we’re families where one parent is from each country or both parents lived in Australia and have returned home. 


Through our events and spirit of mateship, we aim to top-up your Aussie accent, provide opportunity to build friendships and most of all, make us all feel a little more Aussie and a little more connected to our land Down Under.

Following our AGM in May 2018, we have a new executive and committee, motivated to grow the Association membership and events.

Patron HE Richard Andrews, Australian Ambassador to Ireland


President:            Clinton Donkin (2018-) 

Vice President:    Kelly Bourke (2018-)

Treasurer:            Tristan Adam (2017-)

Secretary:            Rebecca Geaney - (2017-2019)

2019/2020  Committee Members: Carina Glyde, Michael Harrison, Donal Gerard, Audrey Leahy, Marina Hunter.

Our Association benefits greatly from the support of the Australian Embassy Dublin. We're honoured that HE Richard Andrews, Australian Ambassador to Ireland is Patron of the Ireland Australia Association (2018-). Through our relationship with the Australian Embassy in Dublin, we strive to further the people to people links between Ireland and Australia.

© Ireland Australia Association 2018

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